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    As for segments, afer years of testing and applying again and again in both domestic and foreign markets, Dialead now get specific hot-seller under its belt in many countries, such as 2000mm granite segments and multiblade segments in Indian market,400mm&1200mm&1600mm marble and granite segments in Iran market,1200mm multiblade segments,2000mm and 3000mm single blade granite segments in Ukraine and Russia Market. Besides, 350mm saw blade and 3000mm granite segments win Dialead high recognition in North America market.


    Dialead is one of the leading manufacturer of Marble Abrasives in China. Contracting 40 production line in shuitou, our polishing  capacity can hit 3,500,000M2 per month. We can talor the formula of abrasives to specific marble/travertine/slabs/tiles. In terms of glossiness, we can achieve 110 degree or even above.


    With advanced technology and equipment introduced from Germany ,Dialead is the biggest manufacturer of glue in the world famous stone city-Shuitou. Slab repair glue for both light colour and dark colour stone,AB Epoxy for onyx slab repair,Vacuum Filled Glue for block and Block Composite Adhesive AB glue, all fall into our line of business. Our products are well received in Iran, Turkey, Thailand etc.


    Dialead can supply all kinds of Granite Arasives for automatic line polishing machine and manual polishing machine. Our fickert abrasives and disc abrasives are both well received in market for their high polishing capacity and glossiness. Take Italian Barsanti Machine as an example, one set of our diamond fickert can work even 70,000 m2 of granite#G603.


    Dialead is one of the few manufacturer of brush in China, who realize full automatic production. Made by mixig high-quality Nylon material and Nanometer reinforcement with high-purity silicon carbide, our brush is applicable to kinds of polishing equipments, such as automatic line polishing machine, floor renew machine, manual polishing machine and hand-held polishing machine. Our brush can make natural stone/polished tile/microlite not only antique, but also anti-slipping.


    After years of research and development, Dialead has worked out a collection of profiling tools featured by long lifespan and high sharpness. These tools can work on curved faces and profiles of stone to chamfer, renew, calibrate and drill.

About us


Founded in 2001, Quanzhou Dialead Stone Tools Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise for stone processing with its own import and export right that integrates R&D, manufacture and sales into one. With three factories focusing on polishing abrasives and diamond segments/saw blades and stone adhesive respectively, Dialead can surely meet your needs of stone processing somewhere without fail. Attributed to its great technical advantages, Dialead has managed to develop a broad range of products such as marble and granite polishing abrasive tools, diamond segments and saw blade, polishing pad, tools for special shape and stone adhesive etc. In ever-lasting pursuit of best quality, Dialead is well received  by world-wide customers from Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, U.S.A, Canada and etc. Located in world-famous stone city Shuitou with more than 3000 stone factories, Dialead finds its own way to tell itself apart from other diamond tools suppliers by testing its products in local stone factories and adjusting  its formula to the best before selling to the world. In terms of marble magnesite abrasives, Dialead takes 90% of market share in China with 40 production lines. Monthly polishing capacity hitting over 350,0000 square meters. Dialead is capable to produce more than 3500 cartons of Frankfurt abrasives per day. Thanks to its outstanding technical support, Dialead can adjust the formula of segments at customers’ request either for sharp model or long life model. Far to Iran, India, Ukraine, Russia, Dialead wins good sales and great reputation. As one of the leading stone adhesive manufacturer in China with over 400 tons of glue production per month, Dialead manages to introduce advanced technology and devices from Germany to provide itself with strong brand and technology support in the field of stone glue, stone caring and stone waterproof. Its products are ISO9001 certified. In unremitting endeavor of best quality, best service and best effiency, Dialead will surely present you one-stop solution for stone cutting, polishing and glue. Dialead sincerely welcomes clients at home and abroad to pay a visit to start long-running win-win business.
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in unremitting endeavor of best quality, best service and best effiency, dialead will present you optimum and one-stop solution for stone cutting, polishing and glue. dialead sincerely welcomes clients at home and abroad to pay a visit to start long-running win-win business.

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