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Automatic Marble Line Polishing Machine


Dialead Stone Tools can produce different marble abrasives to suit your line polishing machine. Product ranges from Magnesite frankfurt abrasive, synthetic frankfurt abrasive, 5 Extra Abrasive and Marble Cleaner.

To select the best marble polishing abrasive, we must learn more about the line polishing machine.

1. Automatic marble line polishing machine

Automatic marble line polishing machine polishes max. slab width 200cm. It is mainly composed of workbench, bridge shaft, shaft system, electric system, slab control instrument, etc. Technical data is shown below.

Max. polishing width (mm)
Max. polishing thickness (mm)
Leveling head motor power (kW)
Polishing head motor power (kW)
Conveyor belt reducer motor power (kW)
Shaft horizontal movement hydraulic station motor power (kW)
Shaft hydraulic lifting motor power (kW)
Conveyor belt speed (m/min)
Leveling head diameter (mm)
Polishing head diameter (mm)
Total power (kW)
Power consumption (kW)
Water consumption (L/min)
Weight (kg)
1 130 000

2. Standard marble line polishing machine

Standard marble line polishing machine is an automatic line grinding & polishing machine for slabs and tiles. The production line has multiple polishing heads and functions of calibration, grinding and polishing. Main abrasives include diamond Frankfurt plate, magnesite Frankfurt, compound Frankfurt, 5 extra, cleaner, etc. Each polishing head is equipped with hydraulic unit to apply pressure on slabs, so the machine produces slabs with high accuracy efficiently. The machine has a special unit on the feeding end to ensure the distance between two slabs is within the grinding scope of polishing head.

DIALEAD Stone Tools offers you most suitable polishing abrasives according to slab characteristics. We can tailor marble polishing abrasive formulas to achieve best polishing quality.

marble polishing abrasive

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