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Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Block Cutting

Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Block Cutting is used for Block Squaring. Rubber Type and Plastic Type Granite Wire saw are both available.
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Production Item: Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Block Cutting


DIALEAD can produce all different kinds of wire saw including granite wiresaw for quarry, granite wire saw for block, granite wire saw for slab, marble wire saw for quarry, marble wire saw for block, marble wire saw for slab etc.  we have different wire saw for different type and hardness of stone. we will recommend you the suitable wire speed before placing the order, for example, for granite material, the suggested wire speed is around 22-28m/s.


1, High cutting efficiency.

2, friendly-used and easy to manipulate

3, Little noise and no dust.


Description Diameter of Beads Beads Quantity/m Coating Wire Speed m/s  Cutting Speed m2/h Life M2/m

Diamond Wire saw for Granite Block

8.5 37


25-30 10-15 14-21
Diamond Wire saw for Granite Block
11 37


22-25 5-10 10-14
Diamond Wire saw for Granite Block
11.5 37


18-22 3-8 8.5-11
Diamond Wire saw for Granite Block
8.5 37



25-30 10-15 16-22
Diamond Wire saw for Granite Block
11 37



22-25 5-10 14-21
Diamond Wire saw for Granite Block
11.5 37



18-22 3-8 10-14

Detailed Image

Granite Wire Saw for BlockGranite Wire Rope for Block


Granite Wire Saw

Package and Delievery

Granite Wire Saw


Q11. How many types of frankfurt magnesite abrasive you have?

Dialead can produce 4 different types of frankfurt magnesite abrasive.

two for domestic market and two for foreign market.

We have both sharp type and long life type for your choice.


Q12. How many types of frankfurt synthetic abrasives you have?

Dialeads have 3 different types of frankfurt synthetic abrasives.

One is sharp type for marble

One is more sharp type for marble

One is long life type for travertine


Q13. How many types of 5 Extra Abrasives you have?

Dialead have 4 different  types of 5 extra abrasives.

Two are sharp type and two are long life types.


Q14. How many sqft your 2mtr segments can cut on Indian Tan Brown Material?

For our 2mtr segments, we have one formula which can cut around 2100 sqft Tan Brown Material. We can cut around 2500sqft on white granite materials.


Q15. Have you sold your segments to Ukraine or Russia?


Yes. we have sold our segments to Ukraine and Russia Distributors and we have maintained good relationship for so many years

We wish to extend our market by the help from you.

Payment and Shipping

Granite Cutting Segments

Factory Tour

Why Choose Us

1, 17 Years Experience in Stone Tools Production

2, Stone Tools Experience in over 50 countries

3, 4000 cartons daily production of Frankfurt Abrasive Stone

4, Contracting 40 production lines with over 3500000m2 polishing capacity

5, Full production line from Quarry opening, Block Cutting, Slab Cutting and Polishing

Diamond Cutting Segments

Contact Us

Contact Person: Mr Diors

Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 18150515179

Tel: 0086 595 22308536

Fax: 0086 595 22308537

Email: diors@dlstonetools.com


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