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How is Diamond Segment Made- Cold Pressing & Die Filling


Quanzhou Dialead Stone Tools is the top diamond segment manufacturer in China with over 20 years experience. As the core product of Dialead, diamond segment is well recognized in many markets for high cutting efficiency and long lifespan. Sales go to more than 40 countries and regions, like US, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA and etc.

diamond segment

How is high quality diamond segment made after the diamond powder and metal powder are well mixed?

The mixed powder will be put into cold pressing machine. Cold pressing machine will transform the mixed powder to segment layers. There are many different molds with the cold pressing machine, which will make different shape of segment layers(such as bar, arrow, button, etc). The cutting segments usually have three layers, that is the side layers, the middle layers and the transition layers. The side layers contain high diamond concentration, the middle layers contain low diamond concentration, while the transition layers contain no diamond particles.

After cold pressing, we will have specific layers and are ready to die-filling step. Die-filling is to put the cold-pressed segment layers to the mould to make the preparation for hot pressing. The workers put the diamond segment layers into the mould by order. Then the filled mould is waiting for hot pressing.

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