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How to Achieve High Efficiency and Long Lifespan for DIAMOND SAW BLADE


The cutting efficiency and lifespan of the diamond saw blade may be affected by many factors, including cutting parameter, diamond grit, diamond concentration, metal material bond hardness and etc.

Cutting parameter mainly refers to line speed of the saw blade, cutting depth of the blade and the feeding speed of the cutting material.

diamond saw blade

Line speed of the diamond blade is subject to the equipment, saw blade quality and cutting material hardness. We should choose the proper line speed for saw blade per the nature of the cutting material to achieve best cutting efficiency and longest lifespan. For granite cutting, line speed of the blade should be controlled within 25m-35m/s. for hard granite of high quarts content, line speed should be set at the lower limit since cutting material hard to cut; while, for cutting granite tile, line speed can hit 35m/s, since the diameter of the cutting blade usually is small.

Cutting depth is subject to the diamond wearing, effective cutting, stress situation and cutting material nature. Generally speaking, when the line speed of blade is high, the cutting depth should be small, controlled within 1mm-10mm. Especially for big-diameter blade for granite block cutting, cutting depth should be controlled within 1mm-2mm and low feeding speed as well. But if the cutting machine and blade strength allow, the cutting should be as deep as possible to guarantee the cutting efficiency. While, if there is special requirement for the cutting surface, small cutting depth should be adopted.

The feeding speed of cutting material has an impact on cutting efficiency , stress condition of the cutting blade and heat dissipation in the cutting area. So we should choose a proper feeding speed according to the nature of the cutting material. Normally speaking, for soft stone like marble, we can set high feeding speed to improve the cutting efficiency. Also, for fine-grained and homogeneous granite, high feeding speed can prevent the saw blade from being smoothed too quickly.  But, for cutting coarse-grained granite of uneven hardness, we suggest low feeding speed in case of the breakage of the diamond due to the strong vibration of the blade. For granite cutting, proper feeding speed should be 9m~12m/min.

diamond saw blade

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