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What do you know want to know about Diamond Saw Blade for granite and marble


Diamond saw blade for granite and marble.

Granite and Marble Saw Blades are used for cutting marble slabs, granite slabs, stone slabs, brick, hard brick, block, pavers, clay pavers, concrete, hard concrete and field stones. Granite and Marble Diamond Saw Blades come sintered, turbo, undercut protection, cooling holes, brazed, w-segments, wave core design with silent core. Granite and Marble Saw Blades for cutting slabs feature extra deep segments that are designed for abrasion resistance. Dialead provides a series of Granite & Marble diamond blades to choose from: Non-silent and silent. Non-silent and silent diamond saw blades basically differ in noise control. Silent diamond saw blades produce almost no noise in the cutting process, which are quite helpful for controlling noise pollution and protecting workers’ ear health. Silent diamond saw blades are very popular in North American market.

Diamond Saw Blade

Dialead has sold a large quantity of 14 inches/350mm silent granite saw blades to North America Market for bridge slab cutting machine.

Our diamond saw blades have the following features:

1. Cutting, Polishing, Dry/Wet Use;

2. Good sharpness, Long lifespan;

3. High efficiency, High working performance;

4. Not chip or break while cutting.

Our diamond saw blades that have been highly recognized in the US market come in different diameters ranging from 300mm to 800mm.

Diamond Saw Blade

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