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Why different formula of diamond tools for different cutting material?


The machinability of stone refers to the difficult in sawing, cutting, grinding, polishing the stone. Which factors will affect the machinability of stone?


1) stone hardness.

Generally speaking, the harder the stone is, the more difficult the processing is. Harder stone demand not only good technique but also durable stone cutting tools and stone polishing tool. When cutting hard stone, diamond tools will confront higher cutting resistance because stone will become more anti-abrasives when its hardness increases.


2) Stone composition

Stone is made of minerals and chemicals. Different minerals and chemicals will result in different machinability. In terms of minerals, for example,marble is mainly made of calcite and dolomite, whose Mohs hardness are 3 and 3.5~4 respectively, lower than granite, so marble is easy to process. While granite is mainly made of quartz,feldspar, plagioclase, whose Mohs hardness all hit 6.5`7.So compared with marble, granite is more difficult to process. Higher content of the quartz/feldspar/plagioclase, harder to process. When it comes to chemicals, more SiO2 in composition, harder to process.

3) stone structure

Generally speaking,stone of even structure are easier to process. Stone of fine grain can achieve higher polishing quality than stone of fake. Dense stone can enjoy higher glossiness than loose stone. Stone of good mineral crystallization, orientation and unified optical axis will see higher glossiness after polishing.


Dialead is one of the leading manufactures of diamond tools in China with over 17 years’ experience. We special in tailoring the formula of our diamond tools to the cutting material. We assure all customers of specific formula to achieve the optimum performance and lifespan.

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