Different Stone Surface Finish by Dialead Stone Tools


1,Rough-picked surface:

Rough-picked surface is finished by striking stone surface with chisel and hammer to produce “pineapple skin” effect. Rough-picked surface is more coarse than lychee surface and longan surface. Rough-picked surface can be divided into coarse surface and fine one.

2,Flamed+brushed surface:

To avoid “pricked” feel on flamed slab surface, brush flamed stones with steel brush 3 to 6 times to produce “flamed+brushed” surface. The “flamed+brushed” surface is rough yet not “pricked”. It is a very excellent surface finish. Such surface can also be achieved by flaming + waterblasting, acid etching, brushing, etc.  Due to complicated process, “flamed+brushed” slabs are high-priced.

STONE BRUSH ABRASIVE and ANTIQUE BRUSH ABRASIVE are often used for such surface.

3,Mushroom surface:

Mushroom surface is finished by striking stone surface with chisel and hammer to produce “rolling hill” effect. To create mushroom surface, slabs should be at least 3CM. The raised part should be at least 2CM. Mushroomed stones are widely used on low-cost walls or fences.

4, Natural-cleft surface:

Natural-cleft surface is finished by breaking a stone apart with a hammer to produce an “uneven” effect. Natural-cleft stones are massively used as cubes, curbstone, etc.

Whatever finish you want, DIALEAD STONE TOOLS will offers one-stop stone polishing abrasives.

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