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Different Stone Surface Finish


Stone surface may be finished in a wide variety of ways by different polishing abrasive e.g. polishing, flaming, bush-hammering. Stone with different finished surfaces are used in different places. Different finished surfaces may also be used together to enhance architectural effect. Stone surface finishing is a key element for designers.

For our products-for stone façade of European villa, we mainly use flamed stones together with polished and honed stones.

The following gives an overview of some common surface finishing methods.

1. Polished surface:

Polished surface refers to the mirror-smooth slab surface achieved by polishing abrasive with resin abrasive, 5-extra abrasive, grinding disc, etc. Normally, stones can reach 80-90 degrees and even 100 degrees of polished finish. But it is hard for some stones to be well polished, so they can only be honed. Stones with higher polished level are often higher-priced. They are usually used on curtain wall, interior wall and floors. In particularly, highly-polished stones are required for interior wall and floors of a few luxury buildings, because well-polished slabs work effectively to reflect light and fully show natural texture and color of stones. 

marble abrasive

2. Honed surface: 

Honed surface refers to the less-polished slab surface achieved by polishing with resin abrasives. Its polishing degree ranges from 30 to 50 to 60. Honed stones can’t reflect light effectively. They have smooth surface yet low level of polished finish. 

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