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How to Choose Suitable Wire Saw Beads


Specification of the diamond wire saw usually refers to the diameter/quantity of the beads and the length of the metal wire.

-Bead diameter

Bead diameter depends on the material cutting.

For marble quarry, squaring and cutting, dia 10-11mm is suggested.

For granite quarry, squaring and cutting, dia 11.4mm is suggested.

For profiling, dia 7.2-9.0mm is suggested.

-Bead quantity

---Bead quantity depends on the diamond wire saw type, bead type and the material cutting. More beads needed each meter for harder cutting material.

---Generally speaking, for spring wire saw, 28-30 beads per meter; for plastic type, 32-37 beads; for rubber type, 40 beads.

-Length of the diamond wire saw

Length of the diamond wire saw depends on the length of the metal wire.

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