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How to Select Polishing Abrasive for Line Polishing Machine


Bridge polishing machine

Bridge polisher is mainly used to grind and polish marble and granite slabs, granite tiles, rectangular columns, monuments, etc. Unlike line polisher, bridge polishing machine has fixed workbench, and its polishing heads carry out grinding and feed movement. Bridge polisher comes with differed heads. Two head bridge polisher is quite efficient, multifunctional and widely applied. Bridge polisher is equipped with slide rail and automatic loading/unloading unit, so it can polish more slabs at the same time.

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Working principle:

Bridge polisher grinds and polishes slabs with its polishing heads and tools. They do rough grinding and polishing on the surface of multiple slabs in a wavy way at the same time. Marble abrasives mainly include metal frankfurt, magnesite frankfurt abrasive, synthetic frankfurt abrasive, 5-extra frankfurt abrasive, cleaner, etc. Granite abrasives mainly include metal grinding disc, resin grinding disc, buff grinding disc, etc. Normally, 8 polishing heads with different grit numbers are used to complete rough grinding to fine polishing. No.1-No.7 wheels are water-cooled to do grinding while No.8 wheel runs at a high speed (max. 720r/min) to do polishing. Polishing heads are made from felt and polishing powder. Polishing heads apply pressure onto slabs through air cylinder, and valves function to control the amount of cooling water

DIALEAD supplies most suitable stone polishing abrasive according to your stone.  Whatever it is marble or granite, we have best stone polishing abrasive solution for you. Any question, please contact our staff.

Dialead Marble Polishing Abrasive

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